April Update

Hi all, thanks for coming back to our “What’s New Blog”. I’m so glad you’re here and more importantly, that you’re curious about what this past month has brought us. In last month’s blog, I expressed how grateful I was for everyone who donated their time, materialistic goods and of course, the many prayers.

This month, I want to touch on the importance of when we will be sending out another container and reach out to see if anyone is willing to donate once again. As our mission is to operate the school and medical clinic, what we need is a little bit different, but anything you can give is appreciated.

We are in major need of:

  • Shoes

  • Tools

  • Tents

  • Bikes

  • Sports items

  • Medical supplies

  • Large pots & pans

  • Kiln-dried lumber & steel

  • Plastic dishes and cutlery

  • Books, bibles & school supplies

  • Handwork water pump

  • Generators

  • Clothing- especially for children in the ages of 5-12-year-olds

The container will be shipped out in the fall and will hopefully make it to South Sudan within a few months. I appreciate anything you can give, even if that is just spreading the word to others about what we are trying to accomplish here with CEDASS.

Whether you’ve been reading our blogs and following our progress for months now or if this is your first time on our page, thank you for being here and continuing the process with us. God bless you for your kindness and generosity.