March Update

Hi all, thank you for coming back to our "What's New Blog". Last month we talked about the container coming and getting the compound fence completed. This month, it felt like Christmas here in South Sudan.

As we organized the container, getting all the boxes of books sorted and moved to the school, the children excitedly dashed about. The school buzzed, like a bees nest, as the children tried to get a look at the many boxes of books heading into the school. The teachers, after school ended, busied themselves by sorting, organizing and shelving the books, everyone has given to help start to establish a library. This may be one of the first primary school libraries here in South Sudan.  

The books have come from many people and places, but one of the large givers was The Friends of the St Marys Public Library. Thank you so much, your contribution has already made a huge difference.

We then took many boxes of clothing to the school for sorting and distribution. The clothes were all distributed, as the children, once again buzzed around the school with excitement. 

A large thank you goes to the businesses and organizations that donated new items and the many people who graciously gave clothes, to make this all possible. 

We also had a large donation of footwear come over to South Sudan. Many people gave shoes, but those who gave the work boots, they are a big hit here. Thank you, Mister Safety Shoe for your collection of used work boots and your continuous encouragement to your customers to give their used boots, it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Marilyn and Ruth, for the manual typewriters, Facca Fasteners for the bolt bin and hardware's, they are great. We have a well-supplied workshop area because you gave us the tools, boxes of nails and screws, more tools, and then we found more tools. 

The Thorndale United church sent us a large supply of hand weaved plastic mats, which were snatched up quickly by the teachers saying, "Oh, we can use those." We even received a large supply of bed mats for the medical clinic, plus many medical supplies. Dishes and cooking items have been received and have immediately been put to use.

Did I mention Bikes, did I mention the excitement of the children, lined many rows deep against the fence, the constant "can we have a bike?" Everyone is asking for a bike, the village chiefs, the teachers, the CEDASS team, the guys walking by, as they watch the children bike around and around the school play area. We shipped over 70 bikes and they are a huge hit.  Thank you, Ben, for fixing and preparing the bikes for shipping. 

As we sorted and unloaded, we came across many sports items. There where many soccer balls, yoyo's, hula hopes, softball equipment, golf balls, skipping ropes to name a few. This provided many smiles amongst the children too.

There has been much joy brought to the school and medical clinic here in South Sudan. Thank you, everyone, so very much for all that you have given, it does not go unnoticed. A big Thank you goes to Fort McMurray, Thorndale, St Marys, London and surrounding areas. 

To each one of you, God bless you for your kindness and generosity. My thanks go out to all who help sort and load the container as well. 

PS - We have started to collect for the next container, hope to send in October.  Talk to you next month.