The Jebel Lado School


CEDASS commenced funding 100% of all costs of the Jebel Lado School in October 2017. Prior to that the school was in desperate need of repairs, furniture, and supplies as well as teachers.

Since October, the renovations have been completed, desks and benches have been delivered and a Headmaster, 10 teachers and assistants have been hired. Cooks and cleaners are also employed at the school. CEDASS is supported by the state Ministry of Education who provides the curriculum and accreditation. The school recently hosted First Vice President Taban Deng Gai for a tour and celebration.

Future projects for the school include;

- school meal/nutrition program
- hygiene program and education
- solar power to all buildings
- fencing
- a sports field
- a clean water pipeline
- a new building for a library and administrative space
- satellite internet
- vegetable gardens                 

- orphanage
- the building of a middle school to include vocational training

The Jebel Lado school currently has an enrolment of approximately 550 boys and girls ranging from 4 to 15 years of age.