Through modern agriculture and entrepreneurship, we're helping South Sudanese create a thriving, self-sufficient economy.

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The Jebel Lado Project

In formerly war-torn countryside near Jebel Lado, you'll find a small farm where locals are learning about sustainable, modern farming practices. The Jebel Lado Project has not only brought food security to this small corner of South Sudan, but also hope and opportunity. The project has come a long way, but there's still much to do.


A Partial Harvest as Conflict Continues

While conflict continues in South Sudan, it’s time for an update on the state of the farm and the project. No surprise that the recent conflict in South Sudan certainly affected the Jebel Lado Project. But everyone involved in the project, both in Canada and [...]

Jebel Lado warehouse

Farm Gets New Warehouse Thanks to World Food Program

The Jebel Lado Farm has a shiny new warehouse to store crops thanks to a new initiative of the World Food Program called Purchase for Progress (WFP/P4P). It’s a testament to the program’s commitment to its partnership with CEDASS. It’s hard to fully state just [...]

Two South Sudanese workers carrying bag of crops

Our Recent Harvest: Accomplishments & Lessons Learned

With the 2012 harvest now complete, it’s time to look back at accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned. If looking for one word to describe the Jebel Lado Farm’s fourth harvest season, you could try “WET”. With so much rain, it was hard to get the [...]

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