Fund One Week of the Medical Clinics Expenses

Are you Passionate about providing medical care for those in need?

Our medical clinic, which is on-site at The Canada School, operates 3 days a week. We are striving to get this to 5 days a week, and ultimately 7. In order to do this we will need the resources required for the clinic to operate correctly and efficiently. Medicine, supplies, beds/furniture, and staff and all on the list of what CEDASS will require in order to meet our goal of 7 days a week.

Through your support we know we can get there. With your donation of $585 you will provide the entire list of necessities that our medical clinic requires on a weekly basis. Dozens of Malaria cases will be treated daily, vaccinations will be properly administered and pregnant woman will receive the professional medical care that they need for a safe delivery in a healthy environment.

Thank you for your support!

Medical Clinic Expenses