Provide a Bike

Bikes are a great way to provide the community with transportation

Small journeys become big journeys when you have to walk and it is 40C-45C under the sun. By providing the community with a bike, you will be providing a solution to that problem. A journey being taken on by foot could be up to 20kms a trip. A trip like that on foot can be lethal in such temperatures, given the health circumstances of the majority of the South Sudanese population. With access to a bike, a member of the community can reach greater distances with fewer risks involved, and it also makes transportation of goods or necessities much more realistic. The layout of the villages within the community is rather spread out so the value of this provision is not to underestimated.

Providing a bike also provides a learning opportunity, as the teachers of our school will teach the students the importance of maintenance and how to go about it.

Thank you for your support!