Cover a Students Yearly Expenses

Are you passionate about Free Education for children?

We are too. That is why we do not charge a tuition fee or have our students families take on the expenses that are involved in educating their children. Instead we cover these costs and provide the necessities like exercise books, uniforms, hair cuts, food, and school supplies. These expenses add up when you mix 400+ students into the equation. Thanks to donors, we are able to keep this school open and we are determined to continue educating this community until the next generation is ready to take the reign.

This is a long-game plan and will not happen over night. In order for this community to continue educating itself and be sustainable, it will require rewiring the youth through education and knowledge instead of struggle and war. As we in the West know, ‘Knowledge is Power’, Join us in empowering this community and get them where they need to be in order to continue this positive feedback loop.

Thank you for your support.