Provide a Month Long Deworming Program

did you know South sudan is home to 98% of all the remaining guinea worm cases on the planet?

It is a shocking piece of information but it is the truth, and the Jebel Lado community are no strangers to such cases. Due to the fact the current primary water source for drinking and bathing is the Nile River, the water is often drank unboiled and unclean, causing a constant rise in Guinea worm cases. We have solutions to this problem in place and we plan to put an end to it by providing a Clean Water Pipeline, that will filter the water for all in the community. In the meantime, the current victims to the Guinea Worm need our assistance.

Meeting this provision will support CEDASS as we continue to treat these existing cases and new cases, and eventually we intend to eradicate this problem from the Jebel Lado community. This is no easy task and will take persistence, which is a challenge we are willing to take on.

Thank you for your support!