Provide the Hygienic Needs for a Young Woman for an Entire Year

Are you passionate about young woman having the right to hygienic necessities?

So are we. That is why we have put a program in place to provide the necessities and educate young woman about how to take care of themselves when they come-of-age. This is a no-brainer to us and absolutely must happen. The alternative is young woman missing several days of school per month, as it is the cultural norm to stay around home during those days each month.

Due to lack of education, young woman can be exposed to bullying and other self-esteem damaging treatment from their peers. We intend to change this community-wide and eventually nation-wide. We will start where we can. Through your provision we will be able to provide a young woman with the materials she needs for the year, and the knowledge she will need to go along with it. Through this provision, we will also be teaching a course for all of the students to benefit from, both boys and girls. This is an important step.

That you for your support!

1 month of Clean Water FIlter Expenses.JPG