Cover the Expense of Shipping a Container

Are you passionate about meeting the needs of others?

Many of our projects within the Jebel Lado community such as the Farm, the School, and the Medical Clinic require needed items to be imported directly to the farm. Our large equipment, school supplies, sports equipment/toys, irrigation materials, and just about everything arrives at the community by container. After the container is emptied it then stays in the community and is used to the fullest potential. This is one of our greatest expenses and greatest areas of need.

Once the container arrives in Africa it begins its journey into South Sudan, which can be quite the process. By the time it arrives to the farm it needs to be lifted off the truck and into position. This too becomes a tricky process requiring the assistance of a large crane, which are scarce in the worlds youngest nation. Covering the expense of a shipping container would be an incredible provision for any business or individual who is interested in making a massive positive impact for The Jebel Lado community.

Thanks for your support!