Fund the Clean Water Program for One Week

Are You Passionate about Clean Drinking Water?

We have a clean water program in place that will provide The Jebel Lado community with clean drinking water, straight from the Nile River. Our farm has a pipeline in place which pumps Nile water to the farm fields, 5kms adjacent to the river, and through CEDASS and donors we will be installing a Water Filtration Container. This smaller pipe will branch off of our mainline into a container sitting next to the mainline, where it will undergo a treatment process and come out the other end of the container clean and ready for consumption. The initial goal is to have this pipe travel to six different tap locations within the community, for starters, one location being The Canada School and medical clinic.

We have tried many ideas to provide Clean Water for the community and this is our best option. Digging wells (bore holes) we have experienced a high level of salinity which ultimately ruled out that option as a solution. South Sudan is home to 98% of Guinea Worm cases, more often than not because there is no access to clean water. Introducing the Water Filtration Container will be a game changer.

Thank you for your support!

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