Finance 1 Metre of Clean Water Pipeline

Are you passionate about providing a community with clean Drinking water?

Here is your opportunity to do just that. Our Clean Water Pipeline is ambitious. To begin we will start by installing 6KMs of 4 inch pipeline under the soil. This pipeline will run from our mainline which we use for our Farming Project, drawing water from the Nile River and moving it 5KMs to the fields.

The Clean Water Pipeline will pass through a Water Filtration Container, which will treat the water and make it 100% drinkable for all. The initial cost of the Water Filtration Container and the installation of the pipeline is substantial (nearly $250,000). Once these upfront expenses are covered the weekly cost to run and filter the pipeline is very reasonable. We have simplified this to provide you with an opportunity to get involved from wherever you are in the world, in whatever capacity is manageable for you. For just $50 you will be covering 100% of the expenses of installing the 1M of pipeline. Thousands of metres will be necessary for this goal to be met which means every single metre counts.

Thank you for your support!

Clean Drinking Water